Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009

This past summer one of my repeat customers came to see me at a show in Culhowhee, NC and brought a wooden book for me. I set it out at several shows for a witness of Christ and had great response. I ask my friend Mary if she thought they would be hard to make and she said she didn't think so. She and Sam, her niece's husband cut down a poplar tree on her property and began to make the wooden books. They've been cut, planed, routed, sanded and hinged by Sam and Mary. I did the woodburning and sealing. I'm looking forward to the witnessing tool they will be. The front side says "Why Jesus Died" and when you open it up it says "On The Cross" and has a mirror where you see your own image. Children love them and many Sunday School teachers have ask for them for a gift for their classes. I hope they will be a blessing and give me and opportunity to start a conversation about Jesus.

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